A couple of reindeer in front of Stetind, Norways National mountain.

It is late january, and the polar nights are over here in the Northern part of Norway. It is a freezing cold morning, and the sun is right below the horizon, casting its golden light to the sky. Two reindeers are searching for food under the snow, and Stetinden- Norways national mountain, with its characteristic shape- looking much like the sami peoples tents "Lavvo"- stands tall in the background. And a small cloud in the sky, right over its top makes it look like there is smoke rising from the "chimney". Spring is still so far away.

Exhibition in Lødingen

I have a small photo exhibition with about 20 photos going in Sjøvegen 6, Lødingen- Northern Norway. It has been up running since february 2021- and I will keep it going as long as the rooms are available.

This exhibition is a window exhibition only, and sadly- the doors are closed for visitors. 

My gear

This is a presentation of the gear that I use for my photography, either it is for landscape- macro, or wildlife photography. These are the tools that I use, some of them every day- and other just for special occations. With all the fantastic gear available, it is always a struggle between what You want, and what You need. 

Camera trapping

I have lately been working with camera traps, for getting photos of wildlife in their enviroments. I often find these kind of photos  telling a story about where and how specific animals live. The process of getting these photos is also quite satisfying- but also very challenging.